Melanin is Life

Melanin Is Life is a Black-owned, socially-conscious, lifestyle brand. It was founded to promote the POWER of BLACK UNITY and the BEAUTY of MELANIN. It was founded to remind us that we are descendants of ROYALTY and to honor the greats that paved the way for us. Melanin is Life was founded by Gene and Jas because in 2016, they'd had enough of Black people being mistreated in the U.S. (racism, senseless police shootings, etc.). They'd had enough of the poor representation of African-Americans on certain "reality" television shows and websites. And, they'd had enough of the negativity on social media.

How have you used products from Melanin is Life?

So far we've ordered Melanin is Life's Melanated & Educated T-Shirt, and two Unapologetically BLACK T-Shirts. We've began purchasing from them back in 2019, in December 2019 to be specific. The shirts we ordered were of great quality and felt good against the skin when worn. The design was also very bold and was perfectly positions when we received it.

The shirts were a good fit too and didn't feel restrictive or too big. They're true to fit for the sizes that they are listed as when you order them. Another benefit to their products is that they provide an option for doing a custom bulk order for an event. That can be very helpful if you're holding a Melanated related event and want to provide all of your attendees with one of their shirts or a custom shirt that's unique to your community as SWAG.

The Tinner family hasn't ordered from Melanin is Life since December, but the family usually doesn't buy new shirts frequently. That being said we do plan to keep an eye on their shop for new shirt releases and see if there's any we want to save for when we decide to purchase more clothes. One shirt that may be of interest to our fellow Black entrepreneurs is the Black Dollars Matter Shirt.

How can the products be used in daily life?

The Melanin is Life products can be used in a variety of ways during your daily life. They have t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and tank tops that can all be worn with your everyday clothes or just around the house. Then they have hoodies to keep you warm if you live in the colder climates or have cold seasons. Lastly, they also have clothing options for children so they can match with their parents/guardians or set their own style and tone.

Nonetheless, another great option they have are their Dashikis if you would like to wear some traditional African clothing. The dashiki is a colorful garment for men and women worn mostly in West Africa. It is called Kitenge in East Africa and has been a dominant wear in Tanzania and later Kenya. It is also known as Java since it is worn in Indonesia. It covers the top half of the body. Also, if you pay close attention to the history of our people as Hebrews then you will see the resemblances of the Dashikis in what we're called to wear.

How do their products compare to the market in price?

The products they provide are well priced and on par with the market prices of other apparel outlets that aren't imitations from China. Also, knowing that we're supporting a Black owned business that allows us to show our pride as Melanated people makes the price very much acceptable. The shirts we ordered were about $28.00 at the time of ordering and that's very reasonable for a well made shirt of the quality they produce.

What are some areas of improvement?

We haven't faced any challenges with ordering from the company. They have a quick response time and the shipping time is very reasonable too. That being said, it doesn't mean they don't have any areas for improvement, just means we have not had any challenges or noticed any areas of improvement for Melanin is Life right now.


Do you have a vested interest in the company?
No, we have made no resource or financial investment in the company.

Have you used their products or services?
Yes, we have purchased shirts from Melanin is Life before.

Nonetheless, you can learn more about our recommended businesses on our companies page.