Postman Seattle

5 generations in the Central District. They are proud to own a business in the community they grew up in. A wonderful tribute to Grandpa & Grandma Chappell.

The Postman is a creative third party authorized ship center. Also, they are a one stop shop for all of your mail and business needs. Services they provide include mailbox, shipping services, copies/prints, fax, on-site notary, scans, secure shredding, laminating, and more. Furthermore, The Postman is a Black-owned family business with five generations of experience in the Central District of Seattle, Washington.

How have you used services from The Postman?

We started using their service in 2020 as we transitioned from our UPS provider who has been in the community for generations. Also, their mailbox services are a great addition so you can utilize their PO Boxes with it still appearing as a normal address instead of as a PO Box. However, the key feature that makes them shine in our opinion is the fact that after the USPS closed in the Central District there weren't many options for postal services. They are an approved FedEx, DHL, UPS, & USPS, which makes it easy to receive and send mail.

How can the service be used in daily life?

Even in the digital age, the necessity of postal mail still exists. The benefit of their services are they're in the heart of the Central District and are right across the street from Grocery Outlet. Thus, you can send some mail or pick up any packages right before grabbing some groceries for your evening dinner. Also, when you patron with The Postman Seattle you're supporting a locally owned business that isn't a franchise under a large corporation. When you spend your money locally the money impacts your locally community more through employment and taxes.

How do their services compare to the market in price?

Their services are on par with the market and in some cases you may get a better deal with them then you would at a franchise that has more stringent policies they have to follow on pricing. For example, their mailbox services for a year could run you $240. Furthermore, that amount is about the same we spent on previous mailbox services in prior years.

What are some areas of improvement?

One challenge we have noticed while using their service is parking. Parking in general in Seattle is at a premium. However, The Postman Seattle doesn't have their own parking lot and utilizes street parking. We are able to find parking during the times we visit. However, it is something to keep in mind as you begin doing business with them. Nonetheless, they are on the 2, 8, and 984 bus lines.


Do you have a vested interest in the company?
No, we have made no resource or financial investment in the company.

Have you used their products or services?
Yes, we currently use their mailbox and postal mail services.

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