Soul Sistahs Naturals

Soul Sistahs Naturals is a Black-owned company that makes natural skin care and body products from home. Their products contain no alcohol nor any harsh chemicals. Their products smell delicious and feel even better after using. Also, they produce a variety of aromatherapy products. At this time Soul Sistahs Naturals is focused on selling their incense products and have stopped the sell of their body products. The owner, Shay, has over 20 years experience as a hair stylist. She has always been creative since childhood. Since retiring she found a LOVE and PASSION for making body products, incense and more.

How have you used products from Soul Sistahs Naturals?

So far we've tried Soul Sistahs Naturals' Nag Champa, Fruit Pebbles, Black Ice, Lavender Mint, Stress Relief, Lick Me All Over, Frankincense & Myrrh, Sandalwood, Egyptian Musk, Wild Cherry, Butt Naked, Patchouli, and Purple Rain. We originally purchased 10 incense but the owner added an extra three to our order so we could try all of them, which is great customer service.

The incense that is the best out of the group is Nag Champa, it has a very perfume like scent and reminds us of the perfume that was once used by the great grand matriarch, Willie Mae Tinner. The variety of scents all smell good but the Nag Champa is just our favorite. They also have some traditional names and some unique names that add a fun twist when telling friends about what incense scent they are smelling if you have them burning while they visit. The incense are also long burning, which is a great plus for the value aspect.

The Tinner family definitely plans to order more once we have gone through the ones we currently have. Our household enjoys burning incense and candles periodically to help the atmosphere and calm the mind, so we will definitely be repeat customers. That being said, each scent comes with 10 sticks so it's going to take us a bit of time to get through all 130 sticks.

How can the products be used in daily life?

The Soul Sistahs Naturals' incense products can be used for two great purposes. The first is using it for relaxation of the mind and body through specific scents they have. Which also leads to great relief before bed too. Also, they can be used to help your house smell good for yourself or for when you have guests coming over. Not that your house smells bad, but having a nice incense scent over just a normal house smell can help set the atmosphere when you have guests visiting you.

Nonetheless, another great option is if you are one that meditates then you can use them for meditation to help calm you as you participate in that process. Other benefits that she has outlined for the products are: (1) Enhances concentration and focus, (2) Stimulates creativity. (3) Increases motivation, (4) Boosts confidence, (5) Heightens sexual desire, (6) Prevent infections with its antibacterial properties and kills germs in the environment, (7) Relieves headaches, (8) Helps fight depression, (9) Some fragrances stimulate the brain to cause feelings of happiness, relaxation and contentment, and (10) Certain aromas help open nasal passages, while others can lower blood pressure.

How do their products compare to the market in price?

The products they provide are well priced and on par with the market prices of other incense providers, in fact they may be better than most for the quantity you receive for the price you pay. You can anticipate to pay about $2.99 for a pack of 10 incense. Whereas, we've seen other sellers who charge $3.55 for the same scent of incense as Soul Sistahs Naturals.

What are some areas of improvement?

We haven't faced any challenges with ordering from the company. However, if you are looking for their body focused products then you will need to keep in mind that they are currently not selling those while they restock. But we assume if you express interest with Soul Sistahs Naturals, they'll let you know when they are back to selling the body products.


Do you have a vested interest in the company?
No, we have made no resource or financial investment in the company.

Have you used their products or services?
Yes, we have purchased shirts from Soul Sistahs Naturals before.

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