Consulting Services

Consulting services are a great opportunity for nonprofit leaders, business entrepreneurs, school staff and faculty, and individuals to gain the advice and support of Bayath Duron LLC. We pride ourselves in helping our partners create remarkable experiences for their constituents, customers, and clients.

Through our consulting services you gain access to our team as we provide guidance and support in helping you plan and implement your self-defined goals for the success and growth of your company.

Consulting Services





  • Event Management 85% 85%
  • Digital Marketing 73% 73%
  • Operations Management 87% 87%
  • Community Engagement 92% 92%
  • Website Management 80% 80%
  • School and Program Design 90% 90%

Engaging, purposeful, creative and bold.

You have a solution for a problem that your community and constituents are facing. We don’t take that lightly and believe you need engaging, purposeful, creative, and bold resources to help you in providing your products and services to them. Also, we believe it is important for you create generational wealth for your family while doing providing solutions to your community. We’re here to walk with you, together, on your journey to your self-defined comfortable life.

Sharp Minded Solutions

We group our knowledge and resources into two main categories to help your business, nonprofit, or school receive efficient, creative, and critical insights and support throughout your advisement, consulting, or coaching services. Read below to learn more about the types of activities we can support you in or select your demographic group to learn about your group’s specific resources.

Community Engagement

Listening Tour

Series of active conversations with your target market to gather information, insights, context, and new ideas on how your products/services can be most effective.

Brand Ambassador Program

A special type of marketing campaign that puts your message in the hands of influencers with the goal of improving your sales, brand recognition or reputation.

Community Building

Projects that intentionally bring people together to simply get to know one another and your business.


Community Education

Providing instructional services or educating your target market on the benefits of your products and services in order to reduce barriers.

Employee Experience

Designing your employee’s life cycle through hiring practices, health and happiness, and employee exit practices.

Website Management

Through consulting we provide support in improving your website design and content to engage more people.

Operations Management

Budget Planning

The success of your business is tied to having an accurate budget plan. We’ll support your work in crafting the right budget and remaining within it throughout the year.

Event Management

From the selection of your venue to the design of the event for participants. Event management helps you plan an event that will provide positive experiences.

Program Development and Management

Supporting you in creating high quality programs for your designated communities and managing the processes.


Strategic Planning

Includes the capital investments required to support business growth and to sustain revenue. Also, it includes improvements to key operating metrics.

Participant Experience

Creating remarkable experiences for customers from discovery  all the way through to their next purchase.

Revenue Planning

Crafting a revenue plan through incentives, partnerships, sponsorships, and more to help you generate revenue.



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